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I recently discovered Robert Hughes miniature paintings. They are most often painted in areas around my home town of Newbury, Berkshire.

Most of the paintings were done in the counties of Wiltshire, Berkshire and Oxfordshire, although some were further afield and some are still life. Some of the places may be easily recognisable to you if you live in these areas.

I thought I'd share my love of these little paintings through this website and hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Please note that none of My Collection are for sale, although I am happy to consider purchasing pictures to add to my collection.

If you are a fellow collector would love to hear from you.  Please contact me through the email on the contact page.

Also, would like to say here thank you to everyone who has helped contribute to the website to make it what it is.  Much appreciated.

Thank you - Kim Good especially for her expert eye in helping to keep the website accurate!, Louisa Inns for an abundance of pictures I didn't have, and Elizabeth Johnson for all her glorious titbits of info regarding various pictures painted by Robert Hughes.