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Robert Hughes Miniatures

Robert Hughes started painting as a professional painter in 1982 without any formal training. He based his palette on eight earth colours and usually painted in oil, but on occasions did use gouache. He painted thousands of pictures and would add figures and animals to create more detail. In 1986 he became a member of the Royal Society of Miniature Painters and in 1991 he became a member of the Hilliard Society for Miniature Painters. By the end of his career he had painted thousands of miniatures, of scenes mainly around the Wiltshire area. Robert Hughes was born in London in 1934 and died in Wiltshire in 2010.

PLEASE NOTE - Robert Hughes NEVER painted in watercolour. All his pictures were either painted in oil or gouache, with oil the preferred medium. Gouache was used instead of watercolour as it was a better medium to work with for miniatures. It was easier to manoeuvre, gave ‘body’ and covered other colours, so he could add details ie flowers in a hedge, after painting the main scene.
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  • About Robert Hughes
    About Robert Hughes RMS, HS, SMPotted biography of Robert Hughes RMS, HS, SM
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  • My Collection
    My CollectionMy own much loved collection of miniatures by Robert Hughes.
  • A Private Collection
    A Private Collection

    A Special Private Collection - Never for sale!

    Feel blessed that I was shown these pictures and allowed to share them with you.

  • Landscapes
    LandscapesOil paintings of British landscapes generally sold at auction or otherwise in the UK.  There are the occasional ones sold in the USA which are labelled.
  • Foreign Landscapes and Portraits
    Foreign Landscapes and PortraitsOil paintings of foreign landscapes and portraits generally sold at auction in the UK.
  • Animals
    AnimalsOil paintings of animals generally sold at auction or otherwise in the UK.
  • Still Life
    Still LifeOil paintings of still life sold at auction or otherwise in the UK.
  • Gouache Landscapes
    Gouache LandscapesGouache British landscapes generally sold at auction or otherwise in the UK.
  • Gouache Still Life
    Gouache Still LifeGouache still life generally sold at auction or otherwise in the UK.
  • Prints Landscapes
    Prints LandscapesPrints of original oil paintings generally UK landscapes.  Usual run is 1200, although there are variations in this quantity on occasions.
  • Prints Animals
    Prints AnimalsPrints of original oil paintings of animals.  Usual run is about 1200 although there are occasional variations in this quantity.
  • Cards
    CardsCards printed from the original paintings.  Usually a limited run of 1200.
  • Books
    BooksBooks written by Robert Hughes and Elizabeth Johnson.
  • Landscapes Then and Now
    Landscapes Then and NowLandscapes we have photographed to match the painting giving a view of when it was painted and how it is now.
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