Where Can I Sell My Paintings?

Where Can I Sell My Paintings?

When people have inherited Robert Hughes paintings they often don't know much about them. Robert Hughes was actually quite a prolific artist of miniature paintings and there are a fair few of them that come up at auction over time. Anyhow you've done your research and then question what to do next. Invariably we are then asked where is the best place to sell my painting or paintings. Therefore, I've written this short guide to try and help you decide what is best way for you to sell. This guide is only advisory and ultimately it is up to you the owner to decide what is best for you at the end of the day.

If you have original artwork in oil or gouache these are much more popular for sale than prints.  Prints don't sell for anywhere near as much as the originals and are often advertised as low as £5.00-£10.00.


We will buy some pictures, but not all offered to us. It depends very much on the subject matter. We tend to buy landscapes mainly. As a rough guide we base our prices similarly to the prices realised by auction houses for these paintings.


Auction houses have quite good success at selling Robert Hughes paintings. Prices are rising, but it is also dependant upon whose bidding on the day and what the picture content is. If you choose an auction it is better to put the picture in an auction close to its subject area, ie pictures painted in the Wiltshire area usually sell well at auction houses in the Wiltshire area. Auction houses may charge the seller and will charge the buyer a percentage of the sale.


Sell on Ebay. Robert Hughes paintings do come up on Ebay occasionally. If they do, sometimes they are fixed price, sometimes they are for auction. Again on Ebay prices are rising and pictures very much sell depending upon the picture content and whose interested at the time. Some pictures are put on Ebay at very high prices, and if you don't mind waiting years for them to sell at a high price try your luck! Remember that Ebay will take a percentage of the sale.


Can list your item for free, but people tend to want a bargain on here so likely to try and haggle.


Free to list your item.  However, not as well known as Ebay and the Auction Houses.  Also, can be subject to scammers, so beware.


Keen to buy pictures of Robert Hughes work as they used to sell the originals when Robert Hughes was painting. Always worth asking them. A link to the gallery can be found on our links page.